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If something is going on, that's fair enough, I can't and won't fault anyone for life events happening, but please could you at least provide some transparency, so we're not all stuck wondering whether this project has been abandoned or not?

I paid for this game and I've been waiting for it for 3 years, and if it's shelved, please could refunds be provided for me and everyone else who paid for the pre-order?

Thank you! :D

Oh wow, so this game isn't complete yet? Thank you for your comments making me consider buying this game




Hey ive been looking around and i dont see any updates, is the project been abandoned or have you all been that busy? 

i hope i hear back from you all. and i hope you are doing well.

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I'm back.... still mad it  has not finished development yet.

Hey hey :D

Hope y'all doing well during the pandemic, I got this game about a year ago and was wondering how the progress was going.

I can't wait for the full release, the game looks beautiful! I hope you're doing well despite the pandemic. :)

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Hi! I got this game around 4-6months ago, Im wondering if it is done yet?

Scatch that I got the pre order 10 MONTHS AGO!!!! at this rate yandere sim will be done faster then this


Hi Juice2015,

There have been major delays because, despite COVID-19, our programmer's main job had extra work due to our pandemic. But we are still working on Maid for You.

Thank you for your patience! We aim to finish Maid for You by the end of 2021.


Ok, but hold onto ur promise... im watching u...

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Oof, it's 2023 now and there's still only a paid beta build from 2019

Hello wanted to ask if this game is still being worked on? 
And whether there is already an exact time until the game is fully published. 
Sorry for my bad english :) 
I'm really looking forward to the game <3
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Hi valandra,

Yes! We're still working on Maid for You. We've finished writing all routes. We're now proofreading the routes. We've also finished Eric's CGs, so we're now onto Austin's CGs.

We don't know when the exact date would be yet. But when we do, we'll be sure to let you know!

Thank you for the nice answer. I am glad that this game was not given up and look forward to it when it appears. Prankmaster was a great game of yours and I love it. I looking forward to this game.🥰
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Hi ichigo991,

Thank you for your support! We'll update on our progress next week! Thank you again for your support and patience!

In prank masters I lost my boyfriend in death XD hope this game I will see them live

Hello! I was wondering when the Beta (James route) was coming out since it says it's coming Feb 2019 and it's April 2019.

Hi ArisaLilac,

Due to some personal reasons, we had to delay the release for James' route. But it should be out next month, which is May. Thank you for your patience!


I was just wondering if you had any plans to release a demo for the game.

Hi fairfaxleasee,

Since you've asked, we'll compile a demo for Maid for You next month.

Awesome!  Thanks (I just like to play demos of otomes to get a feel for the LIs to make sure there's at least one I like ^_^)

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Is  this based on the novel Maid For You? Because I've read both it and the sequal!

o3o I was thinking of Maid for Me omg


Hi Bootie-Pup,

This is not based on the novel Maid for Me. This is an original English visual novel with it's own storyline and characters. We weren't even aware there's a novel called Maid for Me.

No worries! It's what actually initially brought me to look at the game! It's a lovely idea and look forward to purchasing a pre-order when I can!

Thank you for your support in advance!